MY Wedding

I am getting married on 9th May, 2014 to the lady below in image.



It’s better to check whether i am coming fit with this young lady above.

Deepak Kumar Das

Doesn’t seem i am adjustable, but this is life that comes with the adjustment.

Lets try it and see how is going …..

I have a completely legitimate question: “Should Hindu couples kiss before marriage?”

I believe kissing should be saved only for your spouse.

I suggest refraining from kissing until you say your vows.  Now if you find yourself agreeing with me, do not to make these things law. Instead, be convinced in your own mind and strive to display your pleasure in purity for the glory of God.  Let me try to convince you briefly.

  1. I’ve never met anyone who regretted this decision. However, I’ve met many couples who wished they had saved more for their marriage.
  2. Kissing shows commitment. A kiss is a special sign of deep friendship.
  3. There is something exciting about cheering when a groom kisses his long awaited bride.
  4. I will cheer for you regardless of what you decide but I think your heart will cheer louder if the kiss has been treasured by patience.

I lay these things before you for your consideration. Talk about these things and let me know what you decide.

Until then,

I have now revisited this blog after around 2 years and now uploading few snaps of my marriage.

Arulata_das marriage photo

Arulata_das marriage photo

Dipesh Kumar Das

 dipesh kumar das

My son Dipesh kumar das

Melbourne Pallet Racking Seller Readyrack

For any company in Melbourne, logistics are the main concern, which can be solved with flexible storage solutions. Right kind of storage solution will allow greater

efficiency and ultimately increase the level of quality assurance. Durable pallet racking systems

manufactured by a reputable manufacturer are designed to efficiently meet the needs of growing businesses in Melbourne.

Pallet racking seller in Melbourne


What are the flexible pallet racking systems available in Melbourne?

Wide-Aisle Pallet Racking System:

This type of pallet racking is considered to be the standard options for most warehousing needs. Complete access is always expected from a best storage solution, which

can be achieved with an easy standard forklift to every pallet. For long-term storage of goods, wide- aisle pallet racking system proves to be effective. Sturdy steel

construction of pallet racking system combined with horizontal and vertical braces ensure great level of safety for workers, employees and goods.

High Volume Pallet Racking System:

Pallet racking solutions that are designed around the concept of

high volume applications are found to be ideal for larger distribution centers and warehouses in Melbourne. Storage areas that have constant traffic and requires a

quick access to products or goods without sacrificing their safety should always opt for high volume pallet racking system.

Modular Edge Pallet Racking System:

To fulfill the requirement of a growing business in Melbourne, modular edge pallet racking offers unique options to enhance worker accessibility and safety. When

incorporated with other accessories like extra supports, drop-over deck panels, steel mesh racks, anti-collapse systems and frame protectors, the modular edge pallet

racking system will offer great storage solutions.

Before ordering pallet racking systems, you need to consider some points like:
• Level of load capacity
• Available space
• Height restrictions
• Medium of access
• Type of products to be stored

How long does pallet racking lasts?

Well built and durable pallet racking systems are capable in lasting for years, but it will be wise to ensure annual rack safety inspection or regular basis. One

should follow a hierarchical approach and several levels of inspections to execute a proper inspection.

Report Immediately:

As soon as a safety problem or damage issue is observed by any employee then it should be immediately taken into consideration and reported to the person responsible

for racking safety. You should also have right kind of systems in place for reporting damage and defects.

Perform Visual Inspection:

Visual inspections should be done on a weekly or regular intervals based on risk assessment, which should be maintained in a formal record.

Inspection done by Professionals:

Technically competent professional can be hired to carry out inspections at intervals that help in diagnosing the issues from a right point of view. This will help in

enjoying best results and avoid any kind of unwanted incident.

Architectural Spotlight: The Waterdown Library and Flamborough Seniors Recreation Centre

Rebuild Hamilton


RDH Architects
163 Dundas St E, Waterdown
Completed: January 2016

Designed by RDH Architects the 23,000 square foot building is more than just a library. It also houses the city’s municipal service centre, a senior centre, Flamborough information and city services, and the Flamborough archives.

The 15,000 square foot library has better accessibility, more computers, outdoor reading areas, and even dedicated quiet spaces, to name a few of the upgrades. A huge step-up from the town’s last library, which occupied the old East Flamborough Town Hall and had limited space to meet the current standards of today’s libraries. It was too small, hidden, and dated for a town with an ever-expanding population.


Topography played a pivotal roll in the design and programming of the new building. Situated on a sloping site, the building splits levels while managing to stay a single storey, in keeping with the character of the community…

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Places to Visit in Goa – Day 1


The sun-soaked state of Goa is where the East meets the West – the place where Indian culture interlocks with the Portuguese influence, with Goa being a Portuguese colony for more than 500 years. Goa has always been known for their pristine beaches with North Goa being the hub of tourist attractions and South Goa off-late carving a niche for itself by becoming an ideal spot for family getaways. But Goa is not just all about beaches -there are monuments of historical significance, Temples & Churches rich in heritage and wildlife sanctuaries along the Western Ghats.

For many tourists a trip to Goa is all about experiencing the beautiful sun soaked beaches and thus it would be unfair to start this list by not highlighting the famous beaches to visit in Goa. I will try to highlight the places that you can visit in Goa – some famous and some hidden…

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Nicely crafted and good tale of how condition change the life style!

The Typist


“Not good, not good at all.” My Boss yelled at my paper work as I tried to ignore him as I customarily do.  As I set the rejected papers down at my desk I felt like I was about to faint, looking at my weary face my colleague lent a hand. “Do you even like this job?” he asked, without even thinking for a second I returned “But it’s the only one I’ve got.” He didn’t give up, “Why can’t you take a vacation? Clear things up with your mind?” “That thought has crossed my mind more often than my heart beats per minute”, “Then why don’t you?” he asked.

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Home Cooked Meal

Adventures In Bronniewood

Throughout our trip we have had the chance to test out many delicious curries and Indian meals so when we saw a sign advertising for cooking classes Dad, James and I  jumped at the chance to learn how to make them. We signed up for a lunchtime class that went for three hours and taught us to cook five dishes – all of which we got to eat at the end.

We arrived at the home of Mukti, our teacher for the day, and were welcomed into her kitchen with a drink and she explained how the day would work. We were joined by two Polish girls who had been travelling India after a wedding so we had lots to chat about as we waited for the class to start. The first meal we cooked was a mushroon masala and I stepped up to help Mukti and one of the…

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Tea at Home

Adventures In Bronniewood

After three fabulous days in Darjeeling, drinking tea and relaxing in the mountains we thought it was time to venture out and see how the delicious tea was made. We had heard about the Makabari Tea Estate that allows you to visit the tea fields as well as doing a home stay with a local family. It sounded like the perfect!

The tea estates were in a smaller town of Kurseong, about halfway down the mountain. We decided we would take the ‘toy train’, a one of a kind steam train running on tiny tracks, down to the town. We were looking forward to chugging along while looking at the scenery but unfortunately it didn’t go to plan. Not only was the weather abysmal but after about an hour we came to an ubrupt stop. Turns out while going around a bend the train had come off the tracks. We…

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Home Sweet Home

Adventures In Bronniewood

After an exciting 12 hours in an airport hotel in Delhi watching movies and doing nothing and a 9 hour flight journey we made it home safe and sound. We were lucky that the weather put on a good day for us and we had a beautiful view of sunny London as we flew in over the city. I have to admit I was totally dreading coming home to winter, the drudgery of commuting to work and the overall greyness of the city. Seeing the London Eye, Big Ben and even my office as we flew over the Thames was a perfect reminder of why we live in this amazing city.

It felt even more amazing to sit on an efficient tube and not get hassled or stared at, let ourselves into our clean home with constant power, have a hot shower without fear of it running out and settle…

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