Does google treat links in footers differently than links surrounded by text?

There having lots of discussion on external links placement in footers or sidebars in comparison to the value of links if placed contextually within a website. Blogroll/sidebar link does not have as much value as one would within your page content. We can take some Common examples which include navigation bars, blogrolls and footers etc.

So why is an external link less valuable in these positions?

Let’s say I am visiting a website/blog dedicated to Sports news. The homepage is a broad overview of all the sport updates. In the blogroll I see a link to ‘Cricket. Great! That CAN be a relative and value-added element to this site, so I go ahead and click on it. But then I go back to the original site and click on a post about a specific sport category of interest. I look at the sidebar and sure enough the Cricket link to the other site remains. How does that now provide value to me on this current page?

Put the link contextually in pages or articles. Forget about getting up link juice from being in a blogroll displayed on every page of the site – place your link in a appropriate and user friendly section of the site.

As this is a personal opinion, I will happy to get any counter-argument on this.


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