WOO HOO! The day has come–the unofficial first day (because I am currently at work for another hour) of the weekend that unofficially starts Summer.  To unofficially start my weekend I went on a 4 miler this morning along the East River.  It was humid and the fog was dense, but there was a slight breeze that made the conditions a little more bearable.

I felt pretty good and decided to ramp up the last two miles of my run.  I ended up doing 4.01 in 33:58. Not too shabby when I was only feeling a 2 miler when I dragged my ass out of bed this morning.

I tweeted Sam Champion from Good Morning America a picture of my run this morning and he though it was pretty cool. I love him! Hi Sam Champion, you’re awesome.

This weekend I am, OF COURSE, headed to Long Island.  H…

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  1. I left a positive comment before. No longer on I am now on with


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