Car Festival Puri

Hi Folks,

I am just curious to visit Car festival right here in Puri, Odisha. I have taken leave for tomorrow from my office and will be participating in Ratha tana. People from different corner of the world will get together to get the Blessings of beloved God Lord Jagannath – almighty.

Bike drive is bit cumbersome so i am thinking to travel by Train or Bus. I will be visiting with my friend Ratnadip Sahu &  Sandeep Dash.

Places of Interest in Puri

Here is the Official site

Some other collections

Visit India.........Visit Puri ...

The Grand Road, Puri

Pani puri

Catch. Puri

Coloring of Small Chariots by Japanees at Puri

Delapilated Condition of Dasabatar Murty ) on the entrance of Gumuta Lord Jagannath Temple

The Jagannath Temple, Puri


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