Closer to Japanese Alps: Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

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After admiring the beauty of Japanese Alps from afar at Kamikochi, I decided that I need to have a closer look at the mountains. Hiking is not an option, for one I am not an experience hiker to conquer any trail covered in snow or any trail without any wooden planks to guide me thru. So, I settled for the next best thing- taking the ropeway that will ascend me to 2,156 meters above sea level vantage point. Cheesy right? I know.

Consider as Japan’s most unique ropeway, climbing an elevation of over 1000 meters up and featuring double-decker gondola cars, Shin-Hotaka Ropeway offers an excellent view of Hotake Mountain Range including Oku-Hotadake, the country’s third highest peak.

A round trip ticket for the price of 2800 yen will allow you to gain access on two rope ways and back. The first rope way is only a 200 meter…

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