As many of you will know, ‘The Great British Bake Off’ has once again returned to the television sets of good ol’ Blighty. To tell you the truth, the whole concept has become a little boring recently, but its appearance never fails to inspire; a couple of weeks ago the bakers were asked to make two different kinds of flatbread. However, while it has endowed me generously with mental stimulation, it has also daubed my forehead with a modicum of confused perspiration; how can one show purport to find the ‘Best Amateur Baker’ three years in a row? Surely, the winner of the second competition would eclipse that of the first? Unless, of course, sometime in the future, when we’re all a little older, greyer and fatter and have ceased to give two-monkeys about this particular competition, ‘The Super British Bake Off’ will be conceived, whereby all the…

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