Top 10 Cities with Highest Working Hours

Which are the global cities with the highest working hours? A study by UBA has estimated the total number of working hours logged in a year in major cities around the world. The survey calculated the annual working hours including paid vacation and legal holidays, weighted average of 14 professions which excluded primary school teachers. It showed that Asiancities were leading the grounds with an average of 2,154 hours yearly, Africa followed with 2,138 hours, the Middle East punches in 2,023 hours and South America logs 1,989 hours. It surveyed 72 cities with an average of 1,915 hours per year.

Mexico city is on the top of the list with 2,375 hours and Santiago de Chile takes the last spot with 2,035 hours logged. Among the Indian cities Mumbai takes the number third place with 2,251. Here is the list of top 10 cities with highest working hours as listed by

Mexico City

Mexico City a spectacular city, cosmopolitan and very sophisticated. It has a population of twenty million people. The total working hours calculated annually is 2,375, with 6 days of paid vacation.

In Mexico city the working hours are not regulated by law and depend on the job or the company one works for. The average working hours are from 8am to 6pm, which might stretch until 7pm or late when required. Lunch breaks in Mexico City are unlike other places they are longer, it varies from one hour for normal works to three in case of executives.


Seoul is the capital City of South Korea. It has a population of 10 million and is a megacity. Seoul has advanced technology and infrastructure. The work culture is said to be exhausting. “Most people work late at night, both men and women, single and married, because there is a business culture of obsession and pressure. And when you go to the office on Saturdays, there are always people working” peeved Yoon Chang-il a lawyer in Seoul as per Los Angeles Times. They put in 2,308 hours of work annually with 14 days of paid vacation.


Mumbai is called the financial capital of India, also dream city and city of skyscrapers. It has a population of 20.5 million approximately. It’s known for Share market, Indian Film Industry. Its also a center for art and culture It’s a city with many business and work opportunities. It’s a cosmopolitan which has immigrants from all over the world. It’s a liberal city and the work culture is quite laid back in most private businesses. In other MNCs it differs. The working day begins at 9.30 or 10 in the morning. The city is known to never sleep. However the working hours account to 2,251 hours annually with 20 days paid vacation.


Manila the capital of Philippines also called the Pearl of the Orient. Ithas apopulation of 1,652,171approximatlety. It’s a hub for political, economic, social, cultural, and educational center of the Philippines. Its economy is assorted and versatile. The average working hour per year in Manila is 2,246 hours with paid vacation of 11days making it forth on the list of cities with longest working hours.


Nairobi capital of Kenya has an estimated population of about 3 million at present, making it the most populous city in East Africa. It’s a city with a lot of contrast. It has the blend of old and modern in a certain balance. There are all cultures of people. The city has many skyscrapers, well equipped hospitals, schools and colleges. It also incorporates many local and international business and organizations. Nairobi is a city with active rustle bustle. Its rhythm is fast during day or night. The working hours are estimated to be 2,197 per year with 22 days paid vacation.


Taipei, the capital of republic of China, is a metropolitan with a population of 6,900,273. The Taipeians are known to be very hard working. It’s a big and industrious city. The economy is seventeenth in the world, with many major industries like textiles, iron and steel, machinery, cement, food processing, vehicles, consumer products. The island has rich natural resources. It’s a lead manufactures of computers, chemicals and electronics. The people are polite and generous. The working hours are 2,116 hours annually with paid 11 days vacation.


Lima was called “the city of King” when it was found. It is capital city of Peru, also the largest city. It has a population of 9million. It is the center for finance and industries. At present it habitats many national companies. The working trend is more or less the same in Lima, as per the world status. The total working hour accounted per year is 2,107 with 27 paid vacation.


Dubai is a political territory of UAE, with a global population with 80 percent foreigner’s residents.  It’s the world’s fastest growing city, with no income tax or personal tax. It’s has become a business hub at present. Dubai gets it revenues for oil and tourism and real estate. Attention has increased on labour rights and human right issues on the working condition. The working hours punched in a year is 2,096 on an average with 25 days of paid vacation.

New York

New York is the 3rd most populated city of U.S., with population over 8 million. It’s the center for culture and finance and also the largest doorway for immigration to the U.S. New York is also called ‘The Big Apple’, it influences the world in finance, culture, fashion, art, entertainment and media. They have been a trend setter in fashion, street art, street dance, sports in the world. The working condition remains hectic with 2,062 hours of it over the year and 13 days of paid leave, making it 9th on the list.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de Chile the capital of Chile with its stable economy, has changed Santiago into a modern city and a metropolitan with lot of developments in the suburbs. Santiago has become the regional and financial center for multinational companies. The major activity of Chile’s industrial and commercial welfare is in the regional capital of Santiago. The work details are as per the regulations practiced is like most countries. It has shown an estimate of 2,035 hours of work log and 15 days of paid off.

The survey also showed that “People work the least in North America (1,904), Oceania (1,849), Eastern Europe (1,829) and Western Europe (1,757), according to a UBS study on price and earnings. At 2,375 hours for Mexico City and 1,558 hours for Paris, the two capitals are at the top and bottom of this year’s list.” The survey projects the world picture of working trivia, or as one sees it working schedules of the modern working class.

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