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Along with the many characters, anime shows and manga series that Japan has introduced to the world, there are few exceptions that defines what the culture is all about or shall we say, selected classics that we often associate with the country and their fascination with heroes clad with sometimes weird costumes and unusual superpowers.

I remember during Saturdays, back when I was in high school, our living room old 14″ television was usually tuned to Ultraman (“Urutoraman”) dubbed in our local language because of my brother obsession with the program. At first I found it corny and odd, but as the years passed by, I found myself looking forward on watching Ultraman and the Science Patrol as they saved the earth from Godzilla (“Gojira”) like monsters.
tokusatsu-museum of contemporary art,tokyo
tokusatsu-museum of contemporary art,tokyo

To this date, if anyone asks me what or who are my favorite Japanese characters/TV shows, the answer always comes in three- Sailor…

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