Today I ate a baguette

It’s impossible for me to write about my time in Berlin without writing about ‘the Frenchies.’

The Frenchies were two Parisians I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to share a couch with for three nights, also staying at the home of my kiwi friend Kate and her German boyfriend.

One Frenchie was a really sweet guy (though he liked to sleep way too close to me), while the other was this runt of a man who liked to wander around in his boxer shorts, sunglasses and bandana.



Golden moments from him included: the morning he greeted my friend in the kitchen with an almighty morn horn, his random story about how as a child he fed his dad’s computer work to the Mac trash can because he imagined it was saying ‘nummy nummy, feed me,’ and how he somehow managed to kick me, fart in my face and cup my boob while…

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