Hot Pot

Mehrauli Flower Market_MG_2588November 19, 2012

This is a bit of a sleep-deprived post so apologies for any strange errors or abrupt transitions…busy week to share hopefully soon.

The sunrise in Delhi is something worth getting up early for. It’s winter now in Northern India and the sun rises after 6:30 and seems to stop and hang half-way up the horizon. It takes up so much space in the sky that it’s hard to believe its the same sun with which I’ve risen my whole life.  It shimmers in an arresting shade of reddish-gold and makes everything the light touches appears washed in a hazy, soft pink glow.

Mehrauli Flower Market_MG_2597November 19, 2012

This morning we set out far earlier than usual, in search of a supposedly stunning wholesale flower market open only just past dawn at the Hanuman Temple near Connaught. For anyone who’d like to cut to the chase, I’ll tell you now: that market no longer seems to…

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