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Brightly Colored, silk covered, jeweled women walk along dusty streets. Bicycles, motorbikes, tuk-tuks, and trucks engage in a fluid dance to overtake one another while a cacophony of horns conduct their dance. Glance to the left and witness an army of thinly appendaged men beating clothes in blessed water behind a sea of drying flags of cloth. Glance to the right and witness perfectly postured, brightly saried women carrying huge bags on their heads as if they weighed nothing. Sounds, Smells, Sights, and Senses collide to merge into a sensation that can only be India.

People always say that you either love or hate India. It’s true…there is no in-between. India is a drastic place – it overtakes you completely and some can’t handle being engulfed. It is unlike any other culture despite being a melting pot of so many. Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Portuguese, British- all have planted their seeds…

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