Nice And New

My former neighbour in Goa used to call my apartment ‘Sosha B&B,’ for I always had guests over. Weekends, weekdays, my friends, couchsurfers, sister’s friends, friends of friends, everybody! It was one never-ending party. It’s only recently, now that I have moved houses, that I am no longer able to host people. I presently live with 5 other friends, filling up the 2-BHK to its maximum capacity.

I only realised I’ve stopped hosting people while I was discussing it with a friend last night. I miss having guests over a lot and it made me go through old pictures. I wish I had taken more pictures, with everyone who came over. These are just a few pictures that were taken on my camera.

‘Darlings, thank you for ensuring that I have a terrific Goan monsoon!

My boys - Joy, Ashwin and Sanky.
My boys – Joy, Ashwin and Sanky.
With my friend's boy, Nikhil.
With my friend’s boy, Nikhil, in Aarambol.

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