428371_10152435118865720_450620522_nWell well! Back to scheduled transmission with surfer boys, beach babes, portraits, coastal photographs, food and fun.

I think I’ve already raved a lot about the balcony in where I was staying in Arambol, Goa in my previous beach post. And why not if I can get Yugi’s prime lens to click such photographs as this. Look at that yummy shades of blue-grey and beautiful bokeh against the tree.

For 2 weeks, this tree against the calm and blue Arabian sea has been my favorite subject. In crisp, sparkling morning light that makes the sea shimmer or in the blaring sun @ 1 that makes the sea, a diamond bedspread. Or even in the dying lights of the day with its pink, crimson and purple after tones. I just didn’t get over it.

But surfer boys did get over it and hit the ocean straight!

735218_10152435120055720_1641189411_nAh! This surfer boy is more of…

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