Costa Rica Vacation Ideas

Costa Rica is one of the most recommended destinations if you want to experience amazing surf vacations. It boasts of a beautiful shoreline, great beaches, and challenging waves. Are you ready for a new adventure? Read on to find out more.


If you are planning your next summer vacation and want to try other places, Costa Rica would be the perfect place to go and enjoy the most unique surf vacations. The images you might have seen in movies or in pictures about Costa Rica? Well, they are all real and if you want to enjoy this scenic destination, check out the following tips to help you plan your next Costa Rica surf vacations.



Flying (Photo credit: fredsharples)


  • Before anything else, you need to look for a place in the country that you want to go to. Costa Rica has some of the best surfing spots. There are excellent beaches to go to for the most exciting surf vacations of your life such as Tamarindo, a sheltered beach located in the province of Guanacaste. Tamarindo is perfect for beginners as there are a lot of surf shops that offer surfing lessons with competent surfing instructors. Witches Rock is also a great place to surf and caters to beginners and advanced surfers. Playa Grande, on the other hand, is perfect for advanced surfers.


  • Surfing is all about the waves and its swells so you should make it a point to research about the weather forecasts in your preferred destination. You always have to be on the lookout for these forecasts so that you can make your surf vacations worthwhile. For example, Tamarindo is known to have 13-seconder waves of about 4-5 ft swells.


  • If you are a beginner when it comes to surfing, it is best if you join communities and forums in the internet. This is one of the best ways to get information on the best places to surf. Go to social networks, most surf locations maintain online presence in social networks aside from their official websites. You only need to register to become a member and you can start talking and befriending other surfing enthusiasts.


  • It is also important to establish if you wish to go on a guided trip or not. For beginners, a guided surfing trip is recommended, you need to pay extra, though, but you will be surfing with experienced surfers, mostly instructors in surfing schools and you will surely be directed to the best breaks and swells for that ultimate surf vacations experience.


  • If you have chosen a particular destination in Costa Rica, make sure that you learn more about their set of rules and familiarize yourself with some facts about the place. If this is the first time you’re travelling to Costa Rica, it pays to learn a few basic words in their vernacular so that you won’t have a hard time communicating.
  • Check out reputable surf shops where you can rent good quality boards and/or hire surfing instructors.


If you put your time and effort into looking for the best place to enjoy your surf vacations Costa Rica, you will never regret taking the trip whatsoever.




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