How many of days you were over there? I visited for 4 days last December.

Personal Travel Stories

Panjim, also known as Panaji, is the small capital city of the Indian province, Goa. With nearly five hundred years of Portuguese heritage, Goa is a unique Indian destination, Old Goa is situated very nearby, a city that rivalled London and Lisbon during its heyday. Several disasters led to its decline, including two plagues and the siltification of the working harbour. Today, Old Goa is mostly covered in overgrowth.

20130212-195134.jpg Carnival is a several day festival celebrated yearly before forty days of lent are observed. The festival consists of a parade, dancing, nightly fireworks, and culinary celebrations.

20130212-195638.jpgCrowds gathered all along the river road for the parade. This view was from my hotel room window.

20130212-195909.jpgA parade float tribute to fish, a staple of the Goan diet.

20130212-200100.jpgA tribute to smoking, “Don’t make your lungs like an ashtray . . . . Journey To Death”

20130212-200404.jpgYoung people finding the best vantage…

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