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India is a country which is crazy about its film stars and cricketers. Films and Bollywood are the two most glamourous professions of our nation. And, when the two come together it is almost Sone pe Suhaaga. Let us take a look at some of love stories that brought these two glamour worlds together.

Neena Gupta-Vivian Richards
This couple had a very short and controversial relationship. When Bollywood actor Neena and West Indian cricketer Richards were together they created lot of controversies and headlines. Masaba Gupta is the love child of this famous couple. Of course, they never got married.

Amrita Singh-Ravi Shastri
Long before, when the likes of Yuvraj and Virat were not even heard of, Ravi Shastri was the original glam boy of Indian cricket. It was inevitable that he caught the eye of Amrita Singh, the rising starlet of Bollywood. Amrita was seen cheering in the stands…

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