Ait Ben Haddou; UNESCO Site and Movie Set: Morocco #5

Pippa's Peregrinations

2-Camel-CaravanPicture dusty camel caravans, driven by African traders, crossing massive stretches of desert, carrying cargos of gold, salt and slaves, heading to Morocco and beyond. One of the many trading posts linking the Sudan to Marrakech, Ait Ben Haddou, lies at the edge of the Sahara. In the High Atlas Mountains, Ait Ben Haddou was the one of the last stops before Marrakech.    IMG_5835This fortified stronghold, or kasbah, a mud brick village of connected houses and shared spaces, is still home to ten families, living much as they did a century ago. The high, engraved, and crenulated walls, kept marauding bandits at bay and provided respite to weary camel convoys.  Designated a UNESCO World heritage Site in 1987, a visit here is to truly glimpse the past and walk back through time.IMG_5850The kasbah holds a strategic position on a small hillside beside the banks of the Ounila River, with commanding views…

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