New Cavalli-Sforza Gene Maps

Beyond Highbrow - Robert Lindsay

Here are two new really cool Cavalli-Sforza gene maps (scroll towards the end to see the maps). I have modified my analysis of the races of mankind accordingly by splitting East African Race into Sudanese-Barya, Amharic and Tigrean somewhat arbitrarily, but I think nevertheless appropriately. Along with the Egyptian split-off, I now have 90 minor races of man.

A Kosonke girl from Mali. The people of the Sahel and the remains of an 18,000 year old Caucasian invasion that pushed them south and bred into them. The Sahelians probably originally inhabited the coast until the invasion. I was unable to place the Kosonke into a race.

The Barya are a settled agricultural group on the border between Eritrea and Sudan.

A Fulani boy from the Sahel. These people are about 50-50 Black and White, but everyone is going to throw them in Black. Why? I was not able to categorize…

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