Winding down – a photo essay

Alternative Grand Tour

We spent our day in Casablanca chilling, wandering, eating street food, smoking hookah. The city is beautiful and the pace of life is lovely. Good friends help, too. 🙂

Aaaaand we went to Rick’s Cafe, of Casablanca fame. It turned out to be way classier than we imagined it would be; we could not communicate with the tuxedo’d bouncer; and they shoved us in a curtained-off corner where we were super under-dressed while drinking classy drinks that cost more than any food or drink that we paid for in any country on this voyage. (Europe will be sticker shock all day, every day.)

Weeeee stayed at the most gorgeous hostel (riad) ever, in Fes. (Photo credit Christine Madsen)

And we climbed to the top of the city. (Photo credit Derek O’Dell)

And we explored the medina. (Photo credit Christine Madsen)

Oh, right, SEMESTER at sea. We still have to do…

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