Come & Play Crossword

English: Crossword Deutsch: Kreuzworträtsel

English: Crossword Deutsch: Kreuzworträtsel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Likely to cause an argument (11) >>>> CONTENTIOUS
Little devils (4)>>>> IMPS
Branch of mathematics (8)>>>> GEOMETRY
Feudal retainers (7)>>>> VASSALS
Greek — room at the top (5) >>>> ATTIC
Newspapers, TV, radio etc (5)>>>> MEDIA
Italian dumplings (7)>>>> GNOCCHI
Dearth (8)>>>> SHORTAGE
Strong current of air (4)>>>> BLOW
North American wild dog — I repair flow (anag) (7,4)>>>> PRAIRIE WOLF
Responsibility (4)>>>> ONUS
Framework for climbing plants (7)>>>> PERGOLA
Group of sheaves set up in the field (5)>>>> STOOK
Relating to the home or family (8)>>>> DOMESTIC
Camaraderie (11)>>>>COMRADESHIP
Without hesitation (8,3)>>>>STRAIGHT OFF
Motorway exit or entrance (4,4)>>>> SLIP ROAD
Enraged (anag) (7)>>>> ANGERED
Hirsute (5)>>>> HAIRY
Forehead (4)>>>> BROW



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