Emergency alerts issued as wildfires rage southwest of Edmonton and southern B.C. interior

National Post | News

Authorities issued evacuation orders in B.C.’s southern interior Sunday as wildfires ripped through the region. 

The news came as two Alberta communities issued emergency alerts over blazes southwest of Edmonton. 

In Blue Sky Country, B.C., the order to get out came as high winds fanned the two-week-old Spatsum Creek blaze, which had charred an estimated 11 square kilometres by late Sunday night. The spread increased by more than two square kilometres within hours.

Meanwhile, the Alberta community of Nordegg didn’t have to leave since the fire was contained Sunday. The community is still under a one-hour evacuation notice in case the fire breaks containment. The neighbouring community of Lodgepole was at greater risk and the 200 residents of the hamlet were ordered to leave. Slowing winds have calmed the two fires since Sunday evening.

But the rural B.C. area of the Spatsum Creek blaze was not so fortunate. Thirty-five firefighters…

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