Journal Snippet: Varanasi, India

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Inspired by reading through my Everest journals, I decided to poke around through my India journals a little bit. I didn’t publish much when I was in India, so I thought I would post an entry and some photos from Varanasi, which was one of my favorite places I visited.

December 28, 2010 – Tuesday – Eden Halt Guest House, Varanasi, India

“Hello. Boat Madame?” “Hello. Boat?”

Ahhh. Varanasi. I am currently sitting on the roof of my guesthouse, which overlooks the Ganges River. Monkeys are playing on the roof. Sanjay, the guesthouse owner, provided me with a stick to stave off the monkeys if need be. It’s about 4pm and the light of early evening is warm and comforting. The noises of the Ganges ghats below are calm. The whir, chug of a motorboat, women talking, children running, the monkeys squaking. So far I’ve found India is a challenge…

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