The Everest Diaries: Days 1-4

Leah's Blog

In 2011 I spent a month trekking to Everest Base Camp while living in Nepal. This was one of the greatest physical and cultural experiences I’ve had the privilege of experiences. Below are my diaries, transcribed directly from my journal on the trek, and photos from the journey, which I’ve been meaning to post for several years (I’ll publish the whole thing in segments). I went on this trip with my boyfriend-at-the-time, Eric. The purpose of this trip was to trace the steps of the original Everest summiters, Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay, who reached the summit of Everest only by foot (i.e, no airplane straight to Lukla like most people do nowadays). We did the entire journey with no guide and no sherpa, carrying our load the entire way. This is a doable feat, but makes the trek exponentially more difficult in a physical sense, especially as the…

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