My Hirakud Travel experience – Hirakud Dam, Sambalpur

15 days ahead I thought of traveling some western parts of Odisha and from a long list of places, I shortlisted Sambalpur. I finalized on Saturday evening, just before 4 hours boarding the train that I should go by any means. So I query for different train timing and finally selected to board  Tapaswani express at 10PM night at Master Canteen, Bhubaneswar. Traveled with 3 of my small brothers as they were curious to travel there. Reached their at 4.15 AM early morning and travelled to Samaleswari temple as Hirakud was supposed to open at 8.00 AM in the morning. We asked a Chai seller nearby junction how to reach the temple and where to get fresh up ourselves. He suggested to travel by foot as that was a matter of half kilometer and river Mahanadi is just 200 meters from the Temple.

Below I have captured some snaps from the trip 🙂

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We walked to reach Mahanadi first but surprisingly river was a mess there. Seems like a pond with lot of Bush, as if water is without any flow. No sand, nothing. Big stones which reminded me the story of Bhimkund in Keonjhar. So we cancelled the plan of getting a bath in the river rather looked for souchalaya near by Temple and finally got one. Private souchalaya we were recommended was unhygienic without a Balti and mug to get bath. Everything being managed through a Tab water and latrine was completely mess. Anyhow we managed there and at the end paid the home owner wife Rs. 32 for 4 people. After that we entered the Temple compound, bought Deepa and Bhoga for Goddess Samaleswari. After finishing our prayer over there, we charged our Android devices to snap couple pictures and rest at the temple compound with few chit chat with the Temple Bhog seller regarding the History of the Temple.

After Temple, we headed to have petapuja means morning breakfast. Ate couple of Idli  and bada and then immediately hired a Tuk Tuk to visit our most sought after destination Hirakud Dam.

Reached there before 8AM in the morning. Photography and entry within Hirakud dam is no more allowed, still we managed to make an entry after couple of negotiation within the compound to see the water flow and gate. Gate is made with concrete wall consists of 30 foots. There was a watch tower called Gandhi minar, where you can stay to see complete arena with full view in and around. Also a park nearby dedicated to Jawaharlal Nehru  with lot of funny sports medium.

Huma Temple Sambalpur

Huma Temple Sambalpur

After finishing that we headed for a Tourist place called Huma – Famous for  Bimaleswar Siva Temple. Huma is a place of pilgrimage, and is also visited by strangers out of curiosity to see the different kind of fish in the river. Fish are awesome and so tamed to eat sweets and other foods from the hands. Nobody tries to catch them as they are believed to be the assets of the God.

Life is simple and people are educated enough with good behavior. This trip finished at 12 noon and we are back. As our train scheduled to be on 4.40 PM in the afternoon, we planned another trip to Maneswar Shiv Temple Famous for tortoise.

After getting back from there, we travelled to Sambalpur market to buy few clothing. 3 of us bought sambalpuri sarees, gamucha etc for our family members. Saree breed was pasapali that cost me around Rs. 2300 . After spending one hour in the market, we went to Bar to have couple of cold Beers 🙂 to freshen up ourselves. Finishing that we went to a hotel to have our Lunch. One thing we laughed at is they called Pakhala Torani as Pega and Vice versa. Odia pronunciation is not clear any more. 

Tuk Tuk driver who works at sambalpur is actually works here and a permanent resident of Phulbani. He rent the Auto rickshaw on daily basis for Rs. 250 a day. That day he charged us Rs. 800 for total 3 places trip. After everything done he left us at the Sambalpur Railway Junction at 2PM and we are supposed to wait for 2.40hrs for Balangir – Bhubaneswar Entercity SF express.

We are supposed to arrive at Bhubaneswar at 10PM at night but it was 40mins late in arriving here. Finally this was a good journey.

Next trip will be to koraput …. with new travel experience this month. Stay tuned for my next blog post …….


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