I’m Leaving

Erik Wagner, you are the man who guided me how to write meta description in an effective way for the first time pinpointing my mistakes with all the on-page metrics that can help a website in ranking. Your initial training on Drupal modules and engagement was really a great learning curve starting from working on LIVE site to making new finding on a particular subject.

Mitch Holt , what i remember our first meeting was about one on-page document where you pinpointed some mistakes and suggested measures how to write them effectively. The way you spread your fingers later on the job by writing Guest blogs for clients is appreciable.

Steve Joiner, i thought you to be an old man but my later discovery was very pleasant as I discovered your voice is so young during client meetings. I like the way you summarize the discussion once the meeting is over. You are an impressive man and I respect you. Working with you on Google disavow tools, site mapping was a great field of research.

Chris Gaffney, thank you for explaining all the difficult terms and cross word puzzles I brought your way in last few days. I really appreciate that.

Sandeep Dash, thanks man for working with me so long years without stop. I appreciate your neat email composing tricks during emergency 🙂 and working closing with me in finishing all the assigned task in time.

Ratnadip Sahu, you are a great help in finishing all the assigned task in time and taking initiative in finishing small task without our help and keeping us free.

So in last Two and half year, i have learned a lot in Volacci starting from Drupal CMS to marketing. I have a dying fashion for research in paid advertising and i would love to work on that front someday.


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