Goa here, gone tomorrow!

Nicely written. I appreciate it Madam.

3 Adventurers

My feet struggled to travel back to the busy life in Mumbai.
Our short vacation to South Goa had come to an end.
As I write this, my mind is still in Goa, in its pristine beaches, good food and laid back life.

I had heard a lot about Goa. And for most of my friends and family, Goa meant ‘Baga’ and ‘Calangute’. For us, well, there was no specific ‘plan’ as such. We just wanted to go Goa.
Where? We had no idea!
And then, South Goa happened. And how! 🙂

South Goa is for those yearning for a peaceful vacation. For honeymooners wishing some quite time together. For retired couples wanting to walk hand-in-hand on Goa’s less explored beaches. For friends planning to indulge in heart-to-heart talks. For yoga lovers willing to spend some quality time practising Yoga. For book lovers preparing to spend a long, lazy day…

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