New Year’s in Goa

American Foodie in Mumbai

I went to Goa for the last few days of 2014. It’s not my first time; I’ve been to Goa several times before because Priam’s mother has an ancestral home there. Each time I go, I really look forward to eating Goan food. Goan dishes involve a huge variety of seafood, many which are fried or prepared as curries. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony, so there is also a heavy Portuguese influence on Goan cuisine.

On our arrival, we ate dinner at home:


Pictured below are fried prawns and pomfret (a type of fish):


I’ve had fried prawns and pomfret in Mumbai too, but they are not as big or juicy as the ones in Goa.

Goan sausages (with potatoes and onions) taste very similar to chorizo:


Fish curry is a staple of Goan food:


I love Goan coconut curry of any kind (e.g., vegetarian, fish, shrimp, clams).

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