Pokharan…. a place famous for negative science and technology

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Travel Diaries by Lokender


Pokaran is a small town in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India. I did not know about it before India conducted nuclear test here on 11th and 13th May 1998. That was indeed a special time for Scientists and Defence persons in India and for civilians too. Scientists proved that they can do it, Government shown the metal that they can stand with it in front of big powers in this world and civilians had a feeling of security. I remember civilians celebrated this occasion in almost every city and they were proud on achievement of our scientists. I did not find any clue of arrogance or aggression among any person of India be it civilian or defence officers or Government officers. It was a feeling of being self reliant, secured, determined and committed towards country and humanity.

Every thing has its own power and wisdom lies with beholder how to…

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