Mussoorie- An Insider’s Guide

Travelers and Readers !

If you are planning/wish to visit Mussoorie anytime soon, then this post is for you… The MUST TRY food’s are:

  • Kalsang MOMO’s

This is a MUST… like you cannot come back without trying it… and Kalsang is a places that makes you recommend it to your friends … wholly set up on mouth publicity, it is as amazing as it sounds … AUTHENTIC TIBETIAN … run by them.. served by them …

  •  Cheese Omelette (LOC)

Lovely Omelette Corner, you can get veggies put as per your choice, but this is by far the best breakfast in town .. If you are an egg fan, you can’t afford to miss it!

  • Homemade chocolates of Chic-choc

The best thing to carry for your family and friends back home …. authentically MADE IN MUSSOORIE ..Their bakery is pretty amazing too.. pick up anything … it won’t disappoint you.

  • Jeet ka Maggie

A restaurant…

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