Post 30 – Day 16 ‘On the Road Again’ (Pt 1)

Geoff Williams

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There was much more to see of Kolkata but like all tourists I sampled only a minuscule portion of it, yet on this miserly experience I would base my appraisal and authority. I was ready to depart both my hotel and the city. Nice as it all was, I had that ‘itchy foot’ feeling, that irritation that urges one to be on the road again. I had had enough of congested streets and iconic edifices. They came with crowds, and I was used to not many more faces than that of my own for company. There was just one chore left to do before I ran the gauntlet of hotel staff eager to claim my luggage, and who perhaps in return for their assistance would garner a little of my small change. I wanted to mail some postcards home to my family and thought the obvious tactic was to have…

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