Sri Lanka – Hikkaduwa & Galle

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10438371_10203302035419749_8991354195830986640_nFirst Stop: Hikkaduwa

The cost of a room in Hakkaduwa (£8) was cheaper than my long Island iced tea but then again I did ask for a strong one (which the local boy accurately called “hard”) and boy was it strong. One glass and I was on another level. On our first night we went to a bar / hostel named ‘Mambos’ which was quite dead but a nice spot to chill and have a few drinks on the beach with cocktails and candles. We then moved on to ‘Top Secret’ which really isn’t a top secret spot at all as everyone seemed to be there. When I say everyone I mean hardly anyone as Hikkaduwa was dead whilst we were there. A local surfer dude tried to convince me that this was due to it being a Sunday. I didn’t believe this and quickly came to the conclusion that…

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