Top 5 Best Places to Visit on a Tangier Half Day Trip

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Tangier, a magnificent destination based in the north of Morocco, stands out as a strategic getaway between Europe and Africa from Phoenician times. When you visit Tangier, you’ll see the coastline dotted with picture-perfect seaside villages that make you break out the watercolor pallet. In short and simple words, Tangier is a great base for exploring the magnificence of Morocco.

If you’re thinking to visit Tangier on vacation and want to get the most out of your Tangier Day trip, check out a few places to add to your holiday itineraries:

1. Hercules Cave –

The Hercules Cave is a unique landmark in Tangier – carved into the sea cliffs looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. Located just below the coast from the Cape Spartel, this huge cave represents the name of Greek Hero Hercules; who slept allegedly in the cave while undertaking one of his twelve labors. On…

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